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Louberry Sweetcarts are a new company providing sweet cart hire and sweet selection packages for all events and occasions.

Louberry Sweetcarts came to JKE needing a logo and website to get them up and running online. Our first objective was to create a fun, eye catching logo which stood out from the crowd. With a new logo created we could then move onto the website design.

A fun website design which matched the services provided by louberry Sweetcarts whilst retaining structure and usability was created. The design clearly shows everything provided, allows visitors to easily contact and has the flexibility in the design to grow as Louberry Sweetcarts become bigger.

A fully responsive design that has been targeted for Sweet Cart searches in Nottingham providing a lasting online presence for Louberry Sweetcarts.

With the popularity of mobile devices increasing it is essential to have a responsive website to ensure your pages can be seen and used easily on all screen sizes. Ease of use makes your visitors want to stay on your pages and find out more.

All our websites are delivered with responsive code to adapt to mobile and tablet screens as standard and for no extra cost.

Mobile and Tablet Layout
Louberry Sweetcarts website

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