KwizBiz supply quality quizzes to pub companies, pubs and media outlets throughout the UK.

They were happy with the design of their original site but needed to make it mobile friendly, easier to update and include an add to cart option for customers wanting to buy more than one item in a transaction.

To provide the solution we built KwizBiz a bespoke WordPress template which is responsive to all screen sizes and easy to update. We included a guide to help with updates and supported KwizBiz when they needed it to make sure they were happy with everything. We also rebuilt all the PayPal buttons to be cart buttons and restyled them to match the theme of the website.

All this and we saved KwizBiz £35 a year on their renewal costs. Great value professional web design.

With the popularity of mobile devices increasing it is essential to have a responsive website to ensure your pages can be seen and used easily on all screen sizes. Ease of use makes your visitors want to stay on your pages and find out more.

All our websites are delivered with responsive code to adapt to mobile and tablet screens as standard and for no extra cost.

Mobile and Tablet Layout
Kwiz Biz website

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